How to get your exercise groove back!!

Dawn Fitch
25 Jun , 2020

Hey Tribe!! This weekend was amazing! With so much stress and tension around Covid 19 it's been hard to figure out what's safe and then how to get some exercise in? I've been bit by the hiking buzz. I've always liked a hike here or there but the fact that I can get great health benefits, relax my mind, enjoy nature while socially distancing, makes hiking a great summer exercise!!

There isn't much to do except Google local trails in your area! No matter where you are there are trails that you and family can enjoy right now! I hope this weekend you take time to explore and find YOUR trail! Benefits? Of course!

Lower stress levels, improved mood, and enhanced mental wellbeing

A reduced risk for heart disease

Lower blood pressure

Lower cholesterol levels

Improved control over healthy weight

Lower body fat

Improved bone density

Improved osteoarthritis outcomes

Increases in flexibility and coordination

A better quality of life

Enhanced relationships with friends and family

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  • Posted On November 09, 2020 by okgtpaahef

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Posted On September 25, 2020 by KyoNnBOqzmegdDYf


  • Posted On September 25, 2020 by mrNXETfsaO


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