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Lemon Tea Tree Foot Butter

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Our lemon tea tree foot butter is sweet lemony goodness that will transport you to  Sicily in the middle of June where fragrant lemon trees line the alleyways as you zip by on your Vespa.  The super-powerful tea tree oil tops off the deal with its anti-fungal and healing properties will also have your toes tingling and your feet feeling refreshed. 

 Ingredients: Shea butter, avocado, beeswax, Lecithin, Lemon & Tea Tree Essential Oils

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How to use: 

Start with washing your foot - the top the bottoms and sides don’t forget to get in between the toes. The whole entire foot. Next exfoliate your foot with our body polish. This will aid in really decimating the ash that has made a home on your feet. Lastly, massage the foot butter into the whole foot. Take your time, listen to a podcast, repeat some affirmations, this is you time. To top it off put on some some socks for maximum results. Leave on overnight and wake up with new feet!