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Coconut Lemongrass Body Oil

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Get transported straight to Singapore with this fresh and light scent. It combines the worlds of tropical coconut with tantalizing lemongrass for something that smells like Spring. A perfect blend of sweetness and freshness to create a crisp and clean sensory experience. 

Think what Michelle Obama rubs on Barack's back before they go jet-skiing.

Ingredients: Soybean & Sunflower oil, Vitamin E, Fragrance & Essential OIls

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Soybean oil: 

Rich in linoleum acid, isoflavones, antioxidants and vitamins that all provide a mecca of goodness for your skin. Soybean oil also helps reduce TWEL (transepidermal water loss) of the skin which helps in promoting fasting skin barrier recovery and prevents the loss of collagen and elastin in your skin.

Evening primrose oil:

Known historically as the ‘King’s Cure-all’ this powerful oil was made fit for King’s and queens to apply medicinally. It enhances the elasticity of the skin while also soothing and moisturizing. It also facilitates the healing process by reducing the appearance of scars and calms inflammation.

Vitamin E:

High in antioxidants, this powerful oil needs no introduction. Used traditionally as a treatment for acne scarring, Vitamin E oil is one of the OG’s of the oil game.

Ginger essential oil:

Nicknamed the ‘Oil of empowerment’ for the feeling of confidence it's known to inspire. Used topically, this oil can soothe in redness, eliminate bacteria and inhabit the signs of skin damage and restores color and radiance to a dull complexion.

Turmeric essential oil:

More than a powdered spice, turmeric oil has the ability to cleanse, nourish, clarify and uplift the body and mind.


How to Use: 

Pooka oils are a wonderful light moisturizer for the entire body or add a drizzle to your bath for a moisturizing soak.Before toweling off and while your skin is still damp, drop oil over your entire body. A little goes a long way and works wonders to replenish dry skin. It also makes for a wonderful massage oil too!

Customer Reviews

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Jacinda E Roberts
Coconut lemongrass body oil.

Love the soft smell and love love love How it keeps my skin moist. But the one I am really fond of is peach sangria boby oil. I remember long long time ago. Years ago I ordered some with seashells at the bottom of the bottle with Rosemary and something else and it smelled like incense and spray on. Trying to see if you still carry this product oil. I love fruity, strawberry,peach, raspberry, watermelon, honeydew, incense smell of oils.

Pooka rating

Love it . ❤️

Body oil

Love everything about this product

Andrea Summerville

Love it

Rhonda Robinson

Coconut Lemongrass Body Oil is such a delightful fragrance! Along with softening my skin and transforming my mood, it truly nourishes and restores my skin to a healthier state! Definitely my favorite ❣️